Ethereum Projects & Investors

Great article about Ethereum Projects and the future of start ups. 

While the internet has become an amazing place for the exchange of information and ideas, the infrastructure needed to transition from an idea, to a project, and thence into an actual business remains firmly rooted in meatspace. But this is changing.
Blockchain technology, in particular Ethereum, is a computing paradigm upon which a new kind of innovation infrastructure is being built. Unlike the platforms and ‘cloud’ services we’ve grown accustomed to, it exists publically in an abstract, non-physical realm that is secure, decentralised, and distributed across the internet. Ethereum encapsulates all the raw ingredients to build startups unconstrained by physical location: a highly liquid medium for value exchange (Ether), a common system for application/business logic (Smart Contracts), and most importantly, a culture which encourages and supports innovation. This is the beginning of the democratisation of Silicon Valley’s innovation infrastructure, and it’s happening in an entirely virtual space
— Jack du Rose
Ashlie Arnold