"The Universe Is Anything But Static..."

Great talk about #BigData and the nature of the dynamics being built to predict our future in our universe by Andrew Connolly. This is a great use of collection of Big Data and it's applications at scale for the benefit of our universe. It's regarding LSST which is an experiment in Astrology. 

It will help us answer questions we do not know to ask yet. It will help us look back in time accurately in order to further our understanding of the universe. History begins at the end of this sentence.. Everywhere. 

But as we enter this era of big data, what we’re beginning to find is there’s a difference between more data being just better and more data being different, capable of changing the questions we want to ask, and this difference is not about how much data we collect, it’s whether those data open new windows into our universe, whether they change the way we view the sky. So what is the next window into our universe? What is the next chapter for astronomy? Well, I’m going to show you some of the tools and the technologies that we’re going to develop over the next decade, and how these technologies, together with the smart use of data, may once again transform astronomy by opening up a window into our universe, the window of time.

Why time? Well, time is about origins, and it’s about evolution. The origins of our solar system, how our solar system came into being, is it unusual or special in any way? About the evolution of our universe. Why our universe is continuing to expand, and what is this mysterious dark energy that drives that expansion?
— Andrew Connoly
Ashlie Arnold