Maverick Trading & Bitcoin


Maverick Trading is one of the first trading firms to train it's traders on Bitcoin. Maverick's Head Trader and CEO, Robb Reinhold and COO, Jon Frohlich explain their program in the below links. 

"SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Maverick Trading, one of the top-ranked proprietary trading firms, recently approved Bitcoin as a trading instrument for its traders. Beginning January 2nd, 2018, traders in the firm's Options division will be approved to trade Bitcoin options as well as Bitcoin futures."

Bitcoin’s price action has been wild. Really, it’s been fun to watch and read the buzz that it’s generated. When we finalized plans to move forward with allowing our traders to trade Bitcoin, risk management was first in our minds. We’ve highlighted existing trading techniques that we can use to trade it, but we’ll also be reiterating position sizing and stop-loss guidelines to our traders. Our in-house risk managers have been fully briefed to backstop our traders. Based on the historic performance of our traders, we expect them to adapt easily.
— Jon Frohlich