Isolation Browsing??? What is this??


#IsolationWebBrowsing Why JPMorgan, Amex, HSBC are backing ‘isolation’ web browsing. 

Fascinating concept, to reasearch... 

Why JPMorgan, AMEX, and HSBC are backing isolation web browsing? 

How it works... from Menlo Security:  


The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) uses patented cloud-based isolation and Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) technology that obviates the need for endpoint software or plug-ins while delivering a transparent user experience to the user’s native browser.

The MSIP is deployed between a user’s device (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and the Internet. User Web requests are proxied via the MSIP, which accesses the Web on the user’s behalf and executes the user’s session completely. Only safe, malware-free rendering information is sent to the user’s endpoint, eliminating the possibility of malware reaching the user’s device. The Platform, which provides isolation for both clear-text (HTTP) and SSL-encrypted (HTTPS) Web content, is available as a public cloud service and can also be delivered as a virtual appliance for deployment in an organization’s data center.

The MSIP can be deployed stand-alone or in conjunction with existing Web security gateways, next generation firewalls, network sandboxes or other security systems. It also integrates with an organization’s mail servers to provide protection against spear-phishing and other email attacks.

— Menlo Security
Ashlie Arnold