Some need to knows about Facebook... #PrivacyFirst #ReadtheFinePrint


Using the greatest connecting platform in the world, Facebook, comes with a bit of the dark side. 

For example, did you know when you allow Facebook to access your contacts information on your cell phone, it's collecting that data and creates a " shadow profile" therefore, even if your contacts are not on the platform, their data is. This is called the PYMK algorithym - People You May Know and it's how that weird friends suggestion comes up. 

Here's a great article resourced in our research: by Kashmir Hill "How Face Book Figures Out Everyone you've ever met"

Shadow profile data powers Facebook’s effort to connect as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible. The company’s ability to perceive the threads connecting its billion-plus users around the globe led it to announce last year that it’s not six degrees that separate one person from another—it’s just three and a half.

With its vast, hidden black book, Facebook can go beyond simply matching you directly with someone else who has your contact information. The network can do contact chaining—if two different people both have an email address or phone number for you in their contact information, that indicates that they could possibly know each other, too. It doesn’t even have to be an address or phone number that you personally told Facebook about.
— Kashmir Hill

Violet Blue is another great author on the subject and featured a story in ZDNet: Anger mounts after Facebook's 'shadow profiles' leak in bug

What the revelation means is that Facebook has much more information on us than we know, it may not be accurate, and despite everyone’s best efforts to keep Facebook from knowing our phone numbers or work email address, the social network is getting our not-for-sharing numbers and email addresses anyway by stealing them (albeit through ‘legitimate’ means) from our friends.
— Violet Blue

Another great article, also written by Violet Blue: firm-facebooks-shadow-profiles-are-frightening-dossiers-on-everyone/

Goes on to explain when a security firm found a flaw in the system of Facebook, which brought us to the most compelling reason for writing this article, If we agreed because we were uninformed, how we will ever protect our selves in the future. For now we can't fix what's been done, but we can move forward with best Practices. Lock it Down people #privacyfirst  PROTECT YOUR OWN. 

There are no protections against shadow profiling. Just like with so-called “people search” websites, we have no legal mandates with which we can identify and remove our information from their systems, no protections that guarantee an opt-out, and no recourse other than to say “no.”
— Violet Blue