Data Breaches Among Us - Encryption the Golden Key


It's amazing how much the reports have sky rocketed regarding Data Breaches,  as our digital world evolves.  We are in constant state of flux. It's seems everyday there is new news. Encryption is the golden key.

42 percent of organizations use more than 50 SaaS applications, 57 percent use three or more IaaS vendors, and 53 percent use three or more PaaS environments.
* 99 percent are using big data.
* 94 percent are implementing IoT technologies.
* 91 percent are working on or using mobile payments.

This rush to embrace new environments has created more attack surfaces and new risks for data that need to be offset by data security controls. The extent and impact of increased threats is most clearly shown in levels of data breaches and vulnerability.

In 2018, 67 percent of respondents were breached, with 36 percent breached in the last year – a marked increase from 2017, which saw 26 percent breached in the last year. Consequently, 44 percent of respondents feel “very” or “extremely” vulnerable to data threats.
— BW Online Bureau
Ashlie Arnold