The Era of Fake: Fake News, Fake Twitter Followers, Fake Email Responses...

We are proud to list Stirista as one of our favorite vendors in the digital space. Stirista is about honesty, transparency, and more importantly actually helping social campaigns succeed. We are so proud of the measures they have taken over the last few years, to as we say, do the right thing. To grow digital  organically. 

Now, it should be clear to any marketer that if the bulk of the clicks come through bots, then the conversion rates will be terrible. So, I can only assume that the marketers ordering up these campaigns are not keeping an eye on conversions. They must be being judged on clicks and opens. Or maybe they don’t care.

These fraudulent providers often work quietly, behind the scenes, for a reputable agency or data provider. So the marketer is shielded from the dirty dealings underneath the hood. But all parties involved—the providers, their partners and the marketers themselves—should be ashamed of themselves. And the FCC should be on their case.

I call on marketers everywhere to shun this practice. It’s wasting your money. And it’s given honest, transparent providers like me a bad name. Please, if you hear a guarantee that sounds too good to be true, it very likely is. Walk the other way, fast. And give me a call.
— Ajay Gupta - CEO of Stirista