ChaffeeCounty: Mount Princeton UAS Integration Workshop 4.29.2018

Sponsored by: UAS Colorado – Unmanned Aircraft Systems & Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation

Parachute 8 had the pleasure of joining the integration workshop of over 100 of the top experts in unmanned aircraft systems, that gathered to discuss the impact of the drone industry scaling. In the informal setting these great minds addressed the most complicated issues around mass adoption of drone technology, legislation, and regulation. Some of the key topics discussed were:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Remote ID
  • FAA Airspace Ownership
  • SAR & Wildfire Missions
  • House Bill 17-1070
  • High Altitude Exploration
  • UTM
  • Concept of Preemption – Federal vs. State/Local
  • Deconfliction
  • Privacy


The difficult questions were asked, conclusions were developed, and the path forward was explored. Emerging technologies are always difficult to explore in a public forum.  This event enabled various end users of the technology to come together to discuss their needs, desires, and goals in leveraging this technology for safety operations, industrial research, and hobby enthusiasts. What was most striking about the event is all attendees were in agreement about the issues affecting drone scalability and were very supportive of working towards a thoughtful, strategic road-map toward the future.