Access to Capital and Education Forum – Celebrating National Small Business Week 2018

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

May 1, 2018


Sponsored by the Chaffee County Economic Development Corp, in partnership with the following organizations: Arkansas Valley Publishing CO, TBK Bank, Cambridge Financial Advisors, SBA

Parachute 8 attended the access to Capital Forum in Chaffee County, CO. Small business entrepreneurs gathered to learn about what’s happening and what’s next in the state of CO. A presentation was given by Elizabeth Garner, State Demographer, and Stephanie Copeland, Executive Director, Governors Office of Economic Dev and International Trade (OEDIT).  Reporting on the trends affecting the state and economic development regarding how state activity impacts rural areas.  The attendees were provided the following guidance around growing their start-up from sponsors of the event as well:

  • Achieving access to capital
  • Understanding where they fit in the trend curve
  • Understanding the value proposition of conducting business in a rural area
  • Understanding funding programs across the state
  • Understanding how their start up can ultimately have impact from economic development resources statewide

Following the seminars, the bull ring pitch event was held, sponsored by AARP and High Country Bank. Five small businesses presented and three awards were given. 

The panel of judges asked for the following questions to be answered for each presentation:

1)   Value proposition of business

2)  What problem is the company solving, and how would capital help the company grow? 

Out of the five companies that presented the winners were

1ST Place - Michael DiLillo, HOAGuro HOA Management Software

2nd Place - Ashlie Arnold, Parachute8

3rd Place - Pam Sterle, The Drunken Muffin Bakery



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