Mission Statement:

Parachute8 exists to provide its clients (both individual and corporate) full control over their on-line identity, detailed profile, history, and interests.  With this, they can interact and do business with other individuals or companies with accurate, complete, and authenticated credentials and information, such that ensuing transactions retain legitimate integrity, but with full privacy.  Parachute8 achieves this through a platform agnostic to current technology offerings, leveraging emerging blockchain expertise coupled with efficient archival storage bounded by the owner’s unique private key.  Ownership and exposure of information and resultant transactions remain totally within the control of the individual or corporation.



We believe that in order to drive innovation forward in technology, consumers need a choice. They need to be able to look back at their lives as a whole, integrate the present, and align those facts with the future. That is the nature of the Cube.

At Parachute8 Inc. Identity is defined as a dynamic, constantly changing nexus. We view the data points gathered on an individual's behalf as dynamic entry and exit points, singular truths, which when viewed as a collective can serve to represent an individual’s unique persona. Each data point may be static in nature, but organized by our algorithms they tell the story of an individual's evolution. 

At the core of the Parachute8 platform’s underlying architecture are Ethereum smart contracts. Our design follows a modular structure, making contracts highly reusable and easy to upgrade. A smart contract is a computer process that is stored on the blockchain and automatically carries out predetermined functions once a triggering event has occurred. Legal terms and conditions are embedded in the computer code of a smart contract, which enables the automatic execution of duties defined by the contract itself while avoiding the services of a middleman. 

  • Peer2Peer

  • Public/Private Key


The Cube (Storage) 

We believe social listening with consumer permission along with our proprietary protocols overlaid with real time visits from the past, derived from geo trails will help us build a private cohesive consumer identity. An identity that only the individual owns, housed in blockchain technology. 

Data is encrypted and easily shared between applications

The geo trail will be derived from our proprietary app that customers will be able to download for free, once they participate in our ICO. 

This will allow us to house each Identity's evolution and provide access to more security through Smart Contracts as we understand patterns disclosed to us by the customer. 

The social listening component of our service, helps us make our customers aware of digital crumbs they have left behind as they wander the internet, we will work with each customer to manage any data that has been breached with out their knowledge. 

In conclusion, your data has been breached. Let us help you protect yourself. Based on current statistical data, privacy has become a necessary and desired criteria for participating on the web. 

With our APP, one can pay initially for our data findings pertinent to their identity with our tokens and we will update as needed. 

We will cold storage  data after each real time update and only the customer will have the key. Our alpha test is almost completed ahead of schedule and we will soon be offering the APP for initial subscribers.


The Cube